Safe yoga exercises when and where you want!

"Offer me yoga” starts you up and keeps you going with yoga exercises and meditation.

Do you want to start with yoga but you don't get to it?

Did you start but you gave up too quickly?

Do you want to reduce your stress levels?

Do you want to be able to step out of the roller coaster of daily life?

Does your body crave for more vitality?

Does your mind want to experience more inner peace and -joy?

You have found what you were looking for right here!

I present:
Mindful energizing yoga
Yoga asanas, energizing exercises and mindful meditation

I give you different options in most yoga exercises (asanas), so you can practice respecting your physical limits.
Safe practice is always the focus,  you can find my 12 tips.

Let me introduce myself:
I’m Claudine Drees a hatha yoga-, meditation practitioner and kriyaban since 1998. I’m an Ananda yoga instructor and I live between Brussels and Rome.
I am active as a trainer and coach.

When I joined my first yoga class in the 90s...

I am very happy to announce that my first book has been published by Kramat Uitgeverij in Belgium. "All wisdom is inside of you" .  For now it is written in the Duth language only. For more info go to the Dutch part of the site. See navigation tab Nederlands.

What is yoga?
Yoga is most certain one of the oldest philosophies known to mankind. In the valley of the Indo drawings have been found of figures in asanas dated more than 5000 years ago.

Hatha yoga is the physical part of yoga.

Ha means “light of the sun” and tha means “light of the moon” two opposites. Yoga means “union”; so it is the unifying of opposites.

 This is what happens when practicing yoga exercises; we bend our body in every direction: standing positions, backward bends, forward bends, side bends, inverted positions, combination asanas…together they bring us to union, to harmony, that is peace of body and mind.

Next to all families of  asanas, yoga poses; you find beginner yoga exercises to get you started.

What about energizing- and warming-up exercises?
I offer 2 types of energizing exercises, the first series are part of the recharging exercises by Paramhansa Yogananda, he calls them his “ most important contribution to the science of yoga.” They help you to revitalize your body and mind.

The second part are mindful movements by Thich Nhat Hanh that come from Qi-Gong. These exercises harmonize and balance the energy levels in your body.

Yoga warming-up exercises:
Before you practice the yoga asanas (yoga poses) it is important to warm-up the important muscle groups of your body: back, abdominals, hips and leg muscles.

What are yoga breathing exercises?

Yoga breathing exercises are also called Pranayamas; Prana means life energy...they help you to relief stress.

What are Mindfulness meditation exercises?
Becoming fully aware of what is, without judgement also on a subtle level is what mindfulness is all about. Being instead of doing is the challenge.
Having “open and caring attention to oneself” is what makes mindfulness a healing meditation exercise.

How can you beat too much stress at work?

I help you also in the workplace with a specific Mindful Energizing Yoga stress management training. It is a very effective method for permanent stress relief that becomes part of your daily life and routine.

Download your Mindful Energizing Yoga DVD!
Go to the online yoga page where you find all info.
I'm looking forward to practicing together with you.
Write me to let me know how you are evolving.... 

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