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MEY newsletter, Issue #0011
December 30, 2014

Hi, Namaste,my dear MEY friends,

In this newsletter: how to release your feelings and wishes for 2015

Why release feelings? Letting go of negative feeling is very important because it will quiet the mind, eliminate self-sabotage s.a. alcohol consumption or emotional eating,ncrease your health and it brings happiness.

How to release feelings? First of all there is a different effect depending if it is a positive feeling or a negative on.

When you want to release any feeling it is important to dig into it. Let it invade you. If the feeling is negative it will fade, if the feeling is positive it will be enhanced. Remember the exercise we did two motnhs ago, feeling happiness and joy in our heart and how the joy and vibration increased!

Now if the feeling is negative it will fade. But first let us go a step back. Most people if they feel a negative feeling try to ignore it or resist it. The effect of that is that the feeling grows, it becomes bigger because it wants to be ackowledged. A feeling is a body signal, an emotion, that we can think about (cognitive) look where it comes from and what is happening, but mostly we run from it or worse sometimes we go from feeling to action on the feeling which can be impulsive and abrupt. Ex: I'm crossed with my partner because he acted strange at the dinner table at Christmas with my family, he was distant and uninterested. When I don't dig into the feeling but go from feeling it to reacting on it, I loose my temper with him or I blame myself for getting into negative relationships....

Let's do this different from now on: If you feel anger (or any other emotion worry, fear, sadness...)

1. Place your hand on your stomach and/or chest to assist yourself in feeling the sensation of he feeling

2. Notice this feeling in your body, where doyou feel it?

3.Try to describe it to yourself and tell it: 'I'm completely here with you'

4.Feel gratitiude for the feeling, even say 'thank you' to it. it is your bodymind wisdom telling you something is wrong (true or false doesn't matter)

5. Breath into the feeling and breathng out release it in the room around you.

6. Feel it lowering its impact. Stay here breathing in and out untill you get new more positive or neutral thoughts.

7. Decide to talk to your partner if you want to, to hear his version of the story. You already have taken the fuse out of your own bomb and communication will flow more easy.

But the real reason to do this technique is not to able to confront the person constructively but to free yourself of negativity, that is always our own responsability no matter what happened!

For all Dutch understanding MEY fiends. I wll send you another e-mail with the exercise of this month recorded on youtube. I hope you will enjoy it. It makes it possible to practise together.

I wish you a fulfilling, healthy, loving and joyous 2015!Ever more aware and conscious about the quality of your inner life and how to grow it!

ciao Claudine " Kripaaji"

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