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MEY newsletter, Issue #005
June 22, 2014

Hi, Namaste,my dear MEY friends,

This month I want to inform you about the bodymind connection and negative emotions.

Think of emotions such as: shame, guilt, anger, fear, anxiety, sadness...and lighter variations such as frustration, nervousness, deception...

These negative emotions affect your body in such a way that your body actually becomes traumatized by a surge of electrical shock. This electrical shock is capable of leaving the equivalent of scars and wounds, albeit emotionally and mentally. This in turn disrupts our ability to be a clear channel to love unconditionally and to be accepting of both ourselves as well as others. These are very powerful emotions that leave a very powerful effect on the body.

Having said this, holding back or denying yourself of these emotions only makes the feelings worse as you are denying yourself the ability to release the pain. In turn, this can cause you a great deal of stress, which is often followed by illness. By attempting to control and stifle your pent up anger, resentment, self-judgment and criticism..., you result in sabotaging what you truly want and desire in your life and this stops us from being our best.

Emotions are capable of affecting the way we feel, think and behave. The reason behind this is because emotions are very much linked to our physiological well-being. What this means is that emotions are tied in and very much related to our body.

How emotions can make you sick in your body? Sadness has effects on the upper chest, lungs and heart. Fear on the belly area and anger on the legs.

An imbalance between your mind, body and soul is connected to your emotional well-being and can cause digestion issues or an upset stomach. Think about an unsettled stomach as the result of all the emotions your body is unable to digest or accept within.

Anger and resentment can cause inflammation and pain in the body due to an inflexible way of being or holding on to something rather than to forgive and let go.

Shoulder pain is the feeling of having the weight of the world on you and therefore feeling overwhelmed.

Back pain is reflective of a need for more support in your life, but not necessarily understanding how to create that for yourself or how to ask for it.

How to Safely Release these Emotions

Get grounded in earth, feel the earth under your feet.

Take a bath and allow your body to let loose and to relax.

Take time off for yourself.

Yoga and breathing work are excellent releasers of the tensions.

Release your emotions by punching a punching bag or by letting it all out as a scream in a safe place when you’re alone (like into a pillow).

Last but not least talk it out with someone you can trust like a friend, family member or therapist. Talking is always a sure way to release and let go as long as it’s consistent.

More in my next newsletter, If you have questions contact me through Facebook (Mindful Energizing Yoga page), or via the contact page on the site.

ciao Claudine " Kripa"

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