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MEY newsletter, Issue #0010
November 28, 2014

Hi, Namaste,my dear MEY friends,

In this newsletter: heart qualities, a pranayama and meditation practise for a clear and open heart.

Heart qualities: As you know heart qualities are very important to develop your human potential or in other words to become a better and more conscious person. In our heart reside the most important human qualities such as: unconditional love, patience, tolerance,joy, peace, equanimity etc... It is not always easy to live according to these high qualities, because the external world can feel like a menace and our ego seperates us from others and likes to keep everything under control. This risks to end up in turbulent emotions, competition and non-understanding of others etc... You can easily develop the heart qualities by becoming more in contact with your heart, by really feeling it. Feel its positive pulsion and its wisdom...the purer the heart the greater these qualities and the greater your radiance and charisma.

pranayama and meditation practise: Breathing into the heart helps you to become in contact with it. You will experience, what I call, the smile of the heart sometimes immediately when you bring your attention and breathe into your heart.

Exercise: Dirgha Pranayama or complete yogic breathing with heart focus Breathing in your complete thorax. Lie down on your back (supine). Close your eyes and expel all air through your mouth.

1. Breathing in your belly: Breathe in through your nose and bring all air to your belly, it becomes a little balloon; count till 5 whilst inhaling and breathe out for a count of 6. Repeat 4 to 7 times

2. Breathing in your belly, rib cage and heart. Expel all air through your mouth. Breathe in through your nose and bring the air to your belly,it becomes a little balloon. count till 5. Continue inhaling in your rib cage your heart and high up in the chest for a count of 4 and breathe out for a count of 10. Repeat four to seven times In this second stage you can add an affirmation: whilst breathing into your ribcage, heart and upper chest :I am joyful and while breathing out I am peaceful Benefits of this pranayama: You will feel your heart ‘smile’ it is a healing exercise to leave negativity and tension behind you Maximum intake of oxygen and maximum expulsion of carbon dioxide. Relaxes the diaphragm and all other muscular blocks in the chest and rib cage. Vitalizes and relaxes the body.

For all Dutch undertanding MEY fiends. I wll send you another e-mail with the exercise of this month recorded on youtube. Last month I started this VLOG, video log and I hope you will enjoy it. It makes it possible to practise together.

Looking forward to talking to you next month,

ciao Claudine " Kripaaji"

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