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MEY newsletter, Issue #008
October 30, 2014

Hi, Namaste,my dear MEY friends,

In this newsletter: my new role, a special pranayama and an invitation.

My new role:

October is always a precious month for me. First because I celebrated my birthday and secondly because my book has been published and distributed to most bookshops in Flanders, a dream come true! It gives me the opportunity to start a new chapter in my life and it is amazing how quickly one adapts to being an author and to dedicating books for readers! From now on I assist students not only in their meditation and yoga practices but these exercises are taken a step further towards the development of intuition. Intuitieve intelligence is part of us and resides in our belly, heart and third eye region. I'm looking forward to guide students into this mostly untapped potential in order to find more joy and fulfilment in their life. For now the book only exists in the Dutch language. Let's hope I find a English editor so that the book can be translated in the coming months. If you have some suggestions for me, please feel free to e-mail me by using the contact page on the side -

A special pranayama:

In this period of shorter days and loger nights it is easier to meditate and to enhance the contact with your inner self. As I do every month I want to propose an exercise to help you tune in to your higher Self. Let us take the heart as one of the seats of your higher Self and increase its qualities in your life. Your higher Self and your heart has qualities s.a. joy, calmness, wisdom, equanimity, compassion, acceptance, forgiveness, love... Choose one of these qualities, the one you mostly want to increase in your awareness.

Exercise: this pranayama gives you the possibility to inhale the quality that you want to enhance and exhale its opposite.

Sit still with your spine erect and your chest upward, bring your shoulders downward. Start to breath naturally and close your eyes. Follow the natural flowing of your breath in and out your body. Now observe your beath from where you feel it most: in your noose, throat, chest or belly. Now feel that you are not just inhaling air, but that you are inhaling the positive quality of the heart that you have chosen. Feel that your body from your feet to your head gets filled with that quality with every breath you take. Now when you exhale you do it with force and power and you exhale the negative opposite of the quality ( ex: for love - hate or anger for forgiveness- stubbornness...)Do this 6 to 12 times breath in for a count of 8 and breath out forcefully for a count of 6.

an invitation:

For all of you that live in Belgium: I'll be at the Antwerp Boekenbeurs on Nov 4th PM and evening and Nov 10th am untill 14 o'clock. So if you can come I invite you to join us at my publisher's stand Kramat Uitgeverij.

In the meanwhile I've tested my workshops format which I've launched, the first appointments to help you live more intuitively and experience more joy and fulfilment you can find on the website I would love for you to join us!

Looking forward to talking to you next month,

ciao Claudine " Kripaaji"

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