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MEY newsletter, Issue #008
September 22, 2014

Hi, Namaste,my dear MEY friends,

I'm excited by the vast interest of my yoga students in pranayama techniques. (breathing techniques) So this month I would like to share an easy, great and interesting one with you.

The happiness pranayama

When you observe yourself at moments when you are a bit down or unhappy, your exhalations are longer than your inhalations. ex: when you sigh. On the other hand when you are having a joyful moment you inspire more ex: the moment you see a friend that you haven't seen for a while you inhale deeply.

According to the yoga philosophy when you inspire a flow of energy goes upward in the spine. When you exhale a flow of energy goes downward in the spine. The upward current brings more energy and happiness, the downward current brings more relaxation and can -if emphasized- bring unhappiness and depression.

So if you want to be more positive and energetic you should give more emphasis to your upward current or inhalation.

This pranayama you can do whenever and in any position!

1. exhale completely through the mouth.

2. close your eyes

3. inhale firmly in the diaphragm and through the nose counting untill 6, and imagine a current coming upward through the spine towards the third eye.

4.hold your breath for a count of 6, keep on looking upward at the third eye.

5. exhale for a count of 6 and imagine the current of energy that rises into the sky through your forehead.

6. repeat 6 to 12 times

After praticing a few times you can add an affirmation:

inhaling: "I'm happy"

retaining the breath: 'I'm content"

exhaling: "in every circumstance"

I wish you lots of fun and happiness with this practice!

For all my dear MEY friends who read Dutch, You might already know or not yet that my book is coming out in these weeks. It will be available at Standaard Boekhandel from 30/09. Het boek heet "alle wijsheid zit vanbinnen" 5 stappen naar een gelukkig en vervuld leven. Het boek helpt je om je intuïtieve intelligentie verder te ontwikkelen. Zodoende neem je de juiste beslissingen, doe je de juiste keuzes en leef je je leven volgens jouw unieke koers. Leven vanuit je kern om tot meer realisatie te komen en in deze tijd meer geluk en vervulling te vinden in je leven.

Op de website in het Nederlands vind je meer info en instrumenten die de beleving van het boek kunnen intenser maken.

More in my next newsletter, If you have questions contact me through Facebook (Mindful Energizing Yoga page), or via the contact page on the site.

ciao Claudine " Kripaaji"

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