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MEY newsletter, Issue #002 -- what is meditation
September 08, 2013

Hi, Namaste,my dear MEY friends,

You might ask me: in Mindful Energizing Yoga there is the mindful meditation part, what is it all about?

Well there is a lot to say about meditation and I would like to start describing it in this newsletter and probably also the next one.

Meditation is not, as many people think, a process of "thinking things over". Rather it is making the mind completely receptive to reality.

It is stilling all thought processes-those restless waves that pop-up on the surface of the mind- realizing that they are not you, they are only a part of you, but there is more.

It is listening to the Universal Reality, the Universe inside of you... Once you become aware of that enormous space that you feel connected to (inside of you) you can start listening in.

This is how all great discoveries have been made, by receptivity to rays of inspiration from higher sources than those with which the conscious mind (the ego) is familiar.

Try to meditate every day for 10 minutes slowly growing to 30 minutes, if possible 2 times , once in the morning and once at bedtime.

Let me give you a mindful meditation exercise:

- Sit in half lotus on a pillow or sit on a chair - Sit straight, breast upwards, straight back if you are on the chair your back doesn't touch it.

- Close your eyes and follow your breath inward and outward; follow it completely. - Observe the bodyparts where you can feel the breath. - Do a body scan of at least 10 bodyparts, combining your breath to it.

- Try to become completely still...if there are thoughts, let them pass, don't identify with them, just observe.

- When your mind is still, you will become aware of the inner space of the mind and feel connected to it. - In this stillness you can ask a question...wait for an answer. Know that for most people the answer will present itself during the day not in the precise moment of the meditation.

- Come back to your familiar conscious by opening your eyes, thank the internal universe for the glimpse it gave you!

More in my next newsletter, If you have questions contact me through Facebook (Mindful Energizing Yoga page), or via the contact page on the site.

ciao Claudine " Kripa"

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