burn-out coaching
by Claudine Drees

For companies, I offer the following stress and burn-out coachings and programs:

  • Workload and -pressure survey focused on a team or an organization. 
  • Advise managers on how they can keep workpressure on a healthy level.
  • Help managers to communicate about stress and handle bias.
  • Train managers on how to recognize stress signals in order to prevent burn-out and act adequately.
  • If desired I can advise about function adjustments ( ex: by communicating about conflicts and disturbances in relations, changes in workpace and workload, job crafting , etc...)
  • Advise about bringing teammembers back in the team after a burn-out in great health and keeping the energy up in order to achieve better employability.
  • Guidance regarding job crafting if the teammember's professional needs and desires have changed.

There is a trend to medicate burn-out symptoms.

Although every form of long chronic stress and burn-out is really  a personal crisis that offers an opportunity for growth! When you are on an important crossroad of your life, my method helps you to choose the right direction! 

 For coachees, I offer the following stress and burn-out coaching:

  • Analysis about your current situation, examination of current stress complaints. 
  • Coaching regarding feeling, emotions, thoughts and physical impact.
  • Coaching regarding selfcare.
  • Coaching regarding stress enhancing thoughts using ex: RET-techniques 
  • How to cope in a healthy way with frustrations and irritations?
  • Learn how to be realistic in expectations towards oneself and others.
  • Handle uncertainty and change in a constructive way by visualising and positive thoughts.
  • The body-mind connection: using simple relaxation techniques
  • Connect oneself (anew) with one's vision and mission in life.
  • Regain vitality and  work-life balance.
  • Methods to increase self-confidence, assertiveness and time management 
  • Deal with perfectionism, being overly responsable, self-esteem,victimism.
  • How to keep in contact with your body , read alarm signals  and increase your self care. 
  • Study the current match with your job/function and assist you in the re-integration in the workplace, communicate about  alternatives, if necessary. 
  • Languages: Dutch; French, English and Italian

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