warming-up exercises 

Increasing and balancing your energy  with energizing exercises before going into asana practice or meditation is worth gold!

Warming-up your important muscle groups makes you prevent injury and increase your performance.

I offer you 2 types of energizing exercises,

the first series are part of the recharging exercises by Paramhansa Yogananda, he calls them his “ most important contribution to the science of yoga.”

The second part are  mindful movements by Thich Nhat Hanh that come from Qi-Gong.

You can practice both or choose a series.

When do you need to practice these exercises:
3 possibilities:
• You start your warming-up of a yoga session with these. These exercises help you to increase and balance your energy level.

• You use these or a selection of these every time before entering in meditation. This is important because you recharge your body with energy which you need to remain alert during your meditation. These exercises increase the quality of your meditation. Often in the evening people doze off in their meditation exercise.

• Anytime during the day when you feel exhausted or very stressed you can use these exercises to leave the stress behind you and increase good and healthy energy in your body and mind.

Yoga warming-up exercises:
Before you practice the yoga asanas (yoga poses) it is important to warm-up the important muscle groups of your body: back, abdominals, hips, leg muscles.
I give you a selection of exercises with diverse options: from light warming- up to very intensive exercises to build muscles and strength which you need for good asanas work.

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