Neutral asanas

Relax and stay in the present moment, observe the effects of the former asana     you practiced.

Tips for neutral asanas:

• Stay focused,  stay in the moment; don’t fly off with your mind somewhere else.
• When you enter a neutral asana after the practice of another asana, focus on relaxing those parts of the body that have been stretched in the previous asana. If some part of the body feels exhausted or painful, you can tense it up a bit with an inhalation and relax it with your exhalation. Repeat a few times and continue to relax.
• Bring your gaze to your spiritual eye. With your eyes closed,  look up between your eyebrows.
• Stay in the neutral position until your heart rate and heavier breathing have calmed down.

 Tadasana: standing mountain pose
Is used after most standing positions to relax and interiorize the former asana
You are standing up with your feet frontal hipbone width apart. (close to each other) Distribute your weight correctly over your two feet and anchor yourself on heels, big toe and fifth toe. Your legs are tensed, your knees aren’t blocked, they are relaxed.
Your gluteus is tensed, your abdominals are activated. Bring your shoulders up and move them downwards again, you’re looking in front of you  (eyes open or closed) and there is a figurative string that comes out of the center of your head that stretches you upwards (you stretch your spine). Breathe normally , stay here for 20 sec to 2 minutes.



Balasana: child pose
Is used after forward and backward bends to relax the spine and interiorize.

1. Come on your knees and then sit down with your buttocks on your feet. (Vajrasana) Your hands are next to your body. Breathe in and lengthen your spine, breathe out and come forward from the hips, come downward until your forehead touches the ground; Your buttocks need to remain close to your feet. Your arms are alongside your body on the ground and the hand palms are upward.

2.  If this is not possible or if you feel uncomfortable with your forehead on the floor bring your 2 fists or a cushion between forehead and the ground. 

 Relax completely in this pose and breathe in and out; opening your spine and shoulders.  Breathe normally , stay here for 20 sec to 2 minutes


Breathe in and bring your body back upward, sitting on your feet (vajrasana) then stand-up completely. 

Dandasana: cane pose
Is used after sitting forward bends to relax and interiorize.
Sit down with your legs stretched out in front of you, your feet are in hammer position (stretch the heels forward , toes towards the sky). Put your hands on the floor next to your body at shoulder level. Stay in this vertical position with your torso and lengthen your spine upward,  pressing your hands on the floor. Your shoulders are downward (distant from the ears) and relaxed, stay here for 20 sec to 2 minutes

Savasana: corps pose or I call it relaxing pose

Is used at the end of a yoga session for a guided meditation, to relax and interiorize.
Lie down on your back (supine) your legs are a bit apart and your feet are opened to either side left foot to the left and right foot to the right. Bring your shoulders another inch downward, more distant from your ears. Your hand palms are upward and alongside your body. Lengthen the spine, in order for it to touch the floor more completely you can put a cushion under your knees. (alleviates lumbar pain) breathe naturally  in and out and stay here the time of the meditation.

Start moving hands and feet and if you want,  stretch your body. Bring your knees to your chest rock from side to side a few times. Bring your knees to your left or right side on the ground , sit on your knees and stand up.

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