stress management training
from stress to wellbeing in every moment!

for companies that invest in the wellbeing of their employees in a continuously changing environment.

To enable participants to reduce permanently their negative stress and to be more effective and happy!

Stress management training part I:

Day 1: the stress phenomenon : how to detect and how to reduce it

Which answers does the training offer :

1. What is the role of stress in our lives?
2. The importance of introspection and the power to regulate stress.
3. Stress relief techniques : physical and psychological
4. Techniques of self-coaching.

1. introducton about stress
2. definition, causes ad consequences
3. self-dagnosis
4. definitions of emotional intelligence.    
5. self- consciousness   
6. functioning of the brain according to D. Goleman  
7. our primary emotions   
8. self-diagnose    
9. experience of flow and of stress
10. channel your emotions  
11. emotional hygiene
12. psychological and physiological stress management
13. self coaching   
14. self-diagnose        
15. intention credit    
16. emotional “la”    
17. body-mind connection and Mindful meditation: definition, use, exercise
18. hatha yoga: definition, use, exercise

Duration: 1 day, maximum number of participants : 12

Pedagogic approach:
• Workshop, seminar, built on the experiences of the participants.
• Self-diagnoses and initial exercises to comprehend how to reduce stress in a permanent way.
• Conclusion of the session: every  participant decides if he/she wants to develop further the techniques of mindfulness and hatha yoga to get a permanent grip on their stress levels.

Stress management training part II:
Yoga and mindfulness exercises

Which answers does the training offer:

1. Yoga as a means to become more healthy, flexible and vital.
2. Mindful meditation exercises as a means towards introspection and as a vehicle to live better in an ever changing environment.


• Week 1 : light yoga practice,  mindfulness: « bodyscan »  and  «  mindful walking meditation »
• Week 2 : light yoga practice, mindfulness practice to increase «  patience »  and     « to start fresh each day »                    
• Week 3 : light yoga practice, mindfulness practice to increase confidence ,  “gratitude meditation”
• Week 4 :  yoga for practitioners , mindfulness practice to increase « acceptance » in certain situations.
• Week 5 : yoga for practitioners, mindfulness practice to increase the capacity « to let go » in certain situations .
• Week 6 : yoga for practitioners, mindfulness practice «  mindful eating ».


Duration:  6 sessions of 2 hours, number of participants maximum : 12.

Pedagogic approach:
• 80% exercises
• Exercises to practice between weekly sessions
• Participants are able to use the techniques independently in their daily lives. 
• Evolution of participants is tracked by the use of a  daily journal .

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